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Civil Claims

Personal Injury and clinical negligence

The claimant in a personal injury or clinical negligence case needs access to clear and expert advice. Although most claims are handled by solicitors, it can be reassuring to have a second opinion. Our large personal injury team has a range of expertise and seniority, covering most areas of work.

At the same time, we regularly advise and represent defendants and insurance companies in personal injury litigation. Sometimes a defendant is refused insurance cover by their insurers and requires advice as to their position as well as representation in court hearings. The public access scheme offers access to experts in insurance and personal injury law without having to instruct a solicitor.

Insurance companies often require specialist advice on unusual or legally complicated issues of liability and indemnity. These cases can often be dealt with by going directly to counsel without having to instruct a solicitor who will simply forward the papers to a barrister.


Road traffic accidents

Slip / trip accidents

Credit hire

Uninsured loss

Defective premises

Product liability

Multiple / catastrophic injury

Insurance law

Claims involving the MIB

Contract and commercial disputes

All businesses at some stage become involved in contract disputes. They usually involve a supplier or a customer. They are often time consuming. If they involve instructing a solicitor they can be very expensive. The public access scheme offers a chance to save money. Most businesses with a legal department or a good company secretary can do the leg work themselves – writing letters, filing documents at court, collecting evidence and so on. We offer through the public access scheme the opportunity to instruct a barrister with expertise in contract law and specialising in litigation to assist at key stages of the process. That includes giving advice as to the best way to bring the dispute to a successful conclusion, drafting documents for the court, attending settlement meetings and presenting the case in court if it goes that far.

An individual involved in litigation against a company can find it a daunting experience. The traditional approach of instructing both a solicitor and counsel might be prohibitively expensive. It can lead to a duplication of effort if he or she is confident dealing with day to day correspondence. Through the public access scheme, a barrister can give advice on the merits of the individual’s case and how to move it forward, prepare legal documents, and represent an individual in court, without having to instruct a solicitor.


Sale of goods

Supply of services

Professional negligence

Consumer protection

Consumer and commercial credit

Construction disputes

Guarantees, indemnities and third parties

Factoring agreements


Injunctions and injunctive relief

Boundary disputes

Debt recovery actions

Unfair contract terms


Company and partnership law

The law of companies and partnerships is not straightforward. Disputes can arise about different parties’ entitlement to profits / losses. Access to expert advice can often save significant sums later on. Through the public access scheme you can obtain advice directly from experienced practitioners with significant experience of company and partnership law. Sometimes disputes can be resolved through mediation: we have a number of trained and accredited mediators who will assist to resolve these problems when they arise.


Coroners Courts

4 King’s Bench Walk Chambers has a long history of acting in fatal accident and negligence cases. Part of that work inevitably involves appearing in Coroner’s Courts. Inquests can be emotionally charged and sensitive hearings. The opportunity of instructing experienced Counsel to appear for an interested party without the additional cost of retaining a solicitor is something our client’s welcome.


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Our specialist barristers accept public access instructions from individuals, companies, commercial clients and governmental and non-governmental organisations. We have accepted instructions in a whole range of matters including disciplinary and sporting tribunals and coroner's court inquests.